12 Days of Christmas at RSD

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We are quickly approaching our fourth annual 12 days of Christmas! Twelve days of big giveaways, Facebook Live videos, and of course slightly ridiculous costumes. 

Starting December 1, I’ll be going live 12 days in a row. Each day will have a new theme and different giveaways from Rebekah Scott Designs, as well as from 20+ participating businesses. Together, we have over $7,000 in prizes. It’s just so much fun to get in the giving spirit!

I’m especially looking forward to blowing away some of the smoke from 2020. My goal is to recognize that it was a hard year, and to proclaim that we are still happy and we are still giving. Of all the years to shop local and support makers, this is the year! As you plan your gift list, I highly encourage you to buy from small businesses and local artists and makers more than ever before! For the good of our country, it's so necessary to support them. Plus, the quality of your gifts will be that much higher. ;)

Here are just a few of our many participating businesses: 

Many are local, but some are also regional and national. So we are bringing you love from all over the country! :) Another great thing about this is that these businesses don’t have to pay anything to RSD to participate. There is no charge for collaboration, and then they are free to be completely generous with their own giveaways.  

I smile when our regulars tune in and comment and say they never win — they are bound to soon! We give away so much this time of year!

I hope you are enjoying your Christmas music and decorations like I am — and have been for weeks! ;) I can’t wait to see you Tuesday, December 1 on Facebook

With love and cheer,