4 weeks remaining till Baby #2!

IMG_0589Oh Boy, or Girl I guess! I have only about 4 more weeks until our baby#2 is here and life gets pleasantly interrupted!

We posted some details of the maternity leave on the website and I wanted to clarify a little bit. I am not sure just exactly how much time I will need to get life back to some sort of normalcy after this baby but I am planning around 4-6 weeks to make sure I don’t rush the time I will never get back! So we will still be taking orders during that time, and answering emails but we will not be filling the orders until after the 4 weeks and then the 3 weeks for the delivery. Now of course there will be exceptions, so feel free to email or call with questions. I have about 120 bags in stock, so I can still fill some orders if I have them already done no problem for you.

2010_0118Christmas0027So you can probably guess, as I am sure some of you have been through this as well, that I am so unsure of how life will be changed with a new one to the family. I am just planning what I can to make sure business stays good and family life exceptional!

We had such a great year in 2009. We almost doubled our business and that is thanks to all the customers and their great advertising for me! There must be some very attractive shoulders out there!

IMG_0558Right now it is application time for all the art shows this spring/summer and even fall coming up. This time can be very stressful but I sort of love it because I love the anticipation of making it in and if the jurors of the various boards will like my things. It causes me to reflect and make sure that my things are high quality and that my things are changing and getting better. Each year you get judged and each year there is different jurors on the boards. We will keep you posted on which ones we get into on the “Calender of Events” page as soon as we know. Feel free to email to rebekahscottdesigns@yahoo.com with questions about which ones we applied to if you want to make sure we are coming to your area.

Here’s to the last 4 weeks, enjoy our winter wonderland! If you have any advice for introducing baby #2 in family life please respond! Stay tuned for baby news ;)