A Christmas to Remember!

Oh goodness has this Christmas season been busy! But I wouldn’t have it any other way, well maybe a few more slow sipped hot ciders and time in front of our Christmas tree just counting my blessings, but I will take what I got!

I wanted to mention what a wonderful year we have had with Rebekah Scott Designs. I do love this time of year, because it causes us all to reflect on what we have and where we have been. God has sent us running all around and we are so blessed because of it! Thank you all for supporting us and really loving our products. I say it often but I really do just simply love what I do. I wake up every morning thinking I am the luckiest gal alive, I do what I love everyday and never dread a Monday morning! Thank you for making that possible.

We are always coming up with new lines to introduce each year and January is a great month to do that. I really sit down with tea and start brainstorming about products I want to introduce and what my customers have made requests for. I love dreaming and sketching up new things and even doing the first prototypes. I know for sure right now, that I am adding 1-2 new long styles that can be worn over your shoulder and across your chest. I am pretty excited to get started on this because so many have asked and I have a few in mind already. We are also thinking about expanding the Olive Branch line to include more pieces. I love designing for this one as well. We will have to see what this baby in my tummy is in mid-Feb., to see if this one will cause some more inspiration! Can’t wait for that as well!

As for Trunk shows, be sure and get them booked now for Jan and early Feb. I will be taking 6 weeks off for baby and the new adjustments that come with adding one more! So I would like to have the trunk shows in the books to plan ahead. We will be taking orders during that time, just not filling them until after the 6 weeks. We will have a great host package for shows in Jan, so stay tuned to find out this coming Monday, the 28th, what we will be offering!

Merry Christmas everyone, enjoy your holidays thoroughly and take time to reflect and Praise God for all we have!