A Company Party like no other!

Ever went to a really boring Christmas party at work that you couldn’t wait to just get your gift and go home? (Or like the ones I went to, where I picked out the $10 flannel socks and was just relieved I didn’t get the singing reindeer!) I have another option you may just count down to get to! I did a trunk show for a local bank full of women and the bank’s Christmas gift to them was to have them design a bag from me. I had 29 women in all design their own, or select what I had displayed. We had a ball! The women shopped weeks in advance for their purse, picking which style they liked best and which fabric. The company even let them pick out their own matching cosmetic bag to go with! For this bank, they had two parties. One where they had me come and display my things so they could order and then one more where they received their finished bag and celebrated their year. It was so much fun, I loved seeing what each one picked out and sewing the details they had shopped for. I loved packaging up all 29 orders with their cosmetics and purses in white and pink gift bags. What a treat to be part of something like that. So if you want a unique idea for your Christmas party, here’s a great one! I would love to help celebrate your year and give something you really look forward to ;)