A Few of Nick’s Favorite Things

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IMG_6176.JPGFather’s Day is right around the corner! I love the yearly excuse to show extra love and attention to my husband. This year, the kids and I got him frozen snickers, honey roasted peanuts, and straw cowboy hat. (Shh, don’t tell him, though!) And we’ll have pancakes for supper — his favorite!  

Nick is an outdoorsman and a true jack of all trades. It never ceases to amaze me how he can look at something and just know how to make it. Thankfully, all my house project ideas don’t scare him off! :) He is also open to my self-help ideas, and he doesn’t hesitate to show me support and love in whatever new thing I’m trying. Nick is also a great dad to girls, always wanting to know their hearts. And he’s always been a baby lover! 

IMG_6128.jpegLike Nick, my own dad is an ultimate handy man. He can seriously fix anything. I easily tear up when I think about how thankful I am for him. Growing up, my did didn’t have a good fatherly example, but he has truly changed the trajectory of our family. He is such a man of his word, and more than anyone I know, he has taught me how to have hope through suffering.  

Fathers play such a vital role in our families, and I’m so grateful for the ones in my life! For the rest of this blog, I thought it would be fun to let you know a few of Nick’s favorite things, and maybe it will help you out if you are looking for a last-minute gift! 

  1. Anything Jackrabbit. Go SDSU! ;)
  2. Books by John Eldridge
  3. Beer or gift cards for Homestead Brewery. It is close to our house, and Nick was actually involved when it started up. He loves it!
  4. Yeti coolers
  5. For RSD products, he loves the Kinley Cube and anything with a concealed pocket. ;) (Remember, he’s an outdoorsman!)
  6. And lastly, a couple small things he loves: Mountain Dew and frozen Snickers :)

Happy Father’s Day, everyone!