A Hard Goodbye and A Big Change

lornaEver since we’ve lived in Valley Springs, we have been 50 yards away from one of the sweetest, wisest women I know: Grandma Lorna.

Now, as of September 1st, 50 yards has increased to 20 miles, since she and her husband moved to Sioux Falls. This move brings some exciting news (I’ll get to that later), but it has been really hard on me. Lorna is suffering from dementia, and so they thought it would be best to move in town. We knew it was coming, but the estimated time frame was closer to two years. So this summer came as a bit of a surprise!

Lorna and I grew really close over the years. I kept my treadmill there, so I saw her four to five mornings a week. I’d finish up and then talk with her as she watched the news and drank her coffee. She is a wise Christian woman that I have come to respect so much. When you think of a classic, storybook grandma, you think of Grandma Lorna.

She and I both cried when they left (or sobbed, you might say). I’m thankful for the relationship that we formed, and I’m also thankful she’s just in Sioux Falls, because we still get to see her on our Wednesday morning errand routine.

Now, for the exciting news…

About six years ago, we signed papers that we would be the ones to purchase her house, and earlier this summer, we officially purchased it. This means a big move is coming soon! (A 50-yard move, but still big.) It’s been hard for me to get excited because I’m still mourning her leaving, but the reality is starting to settle in.

We are looking at about a 9-12 month timeline before we are in there. We have several remodeling projects to do, the most exciting (for me) being a new studio! It is such a huge blessing that Lorna saw fit for us to buy the house, and the timing is perfect as I am outgrowing our current studio space. The kids are excited to have their own rooms, but I have a feeling they might have a harder time adjusting than they think!

Even as I am excited for this opportunity, I’ll always miss Grandma Lorna waving at the kids as they board the school bus. Just a few days ago (September 20) she celebrated her 85th birthday! So to close this post:

Happy birthday, Grandma Scott!