A Spring in Our Step

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The snow is melting, the birds are chirping, and RSD fabrics are expanding! That’s my idea of a great Spring! ;)

As we enter into this season of all things new, we at Rebekah Scott Designs are no different. We’ve got new fabrics, new pockets, and new cosmetics! Even back in December, I was thinking about what we would be craving after the long winter months of cold and indoors. Keep reading to see what might inspire your own creativity. :)

march 19 new fabrics.jpgOur five newest fabrics are Cancun River Rock, Bonsai Boomerang, Citrus, Rose River Rock, Berry Sorbet. These fabrics bring me straight to crisp grass, a cold glass of lemonade on the deck, and blue skies. I’ve even designed myself a couple new products with these fabrics — I couldn’t resist! If you’re wondering, I now have a Jewelry Wrap in Citrus and an Elizabeth in Berry Sorbet. So pretty!! I’m careful to choose fabrics that will be in style at least two-three seasons, and you can always trust they are of the highest quality. 

Another fabric update is that waxed canvas options are now part of our regular selection. We’ve done a couple special collections with waxed canvas (Willow and Wren, most recently!), as well as with the Philip Tote, and they have been a hit. The waxed canvas has this awesome distressed, worn look, and it is so incredibly durable. It will last your lifetime — and then some! The more you use it, the better it gets. And please note, there are special care instructions, different than the rest of our fabrics.  

You have three options to choose from, in brown, charcoal and olive. And my favorite part: with the waxed canvas, you have no limitation on zipper color, leather color, or your lining! So you get complete control in your design. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! I also love that this is a great fabric for the men in your life. I gave my brother-in-law a Gus bag with waxed canvas, as well as a friend of mine for a wedding gift. It was fun to give something to the groom for a change!

Another exciting update is that Gretta now has the option of a concealed pocket. I’m always looking for opportunities to add more pockets because I know we feel less chaotic and more organized when everything has its place. With the Gretta Concealed, the pocket is on the front, which is so handy. Concealed pockets are great for everything from your phone to keys to private items — or for Twizzler Nibs, when you don’t want to share! The Gretta is great for students, but also as a baby bag, for work, for anybody. 

And our newest update coming soon: in April RSD is debuting a Cometic of the Month! The way it works is simple. You can buy a new cosmetic every month, which will only be available for that month. I will design everything — the fabric, the ribbon, the zipper, and it won’t be available in our regular line. The shipping will only cost $3 for this special purchase, and you will get a fun cosmetic to add to your collection or to give as a gift. I always tell people that the purpose of the cosmetic is to store the things in the bottom of your purse you don’t want the grocer to see! ;) I have an insatiable itch to keep buying new fabric, so I’m excited for this new artistic outlet. Maybe it will inspire your inner artist as well! 

Happy Spring!
Love, Bekah