A Way to Honor Your Loved Ones

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Military.jpgEach Memorial Day, I find myself remembering and treasuring memories with my grandpa Christie, who was a WWII veteran. I know we all have dear friends and family who serve or have served, and I love that we come together as a country to say thank you!

The Honor Collection is a way we show our gratitude at Rebekah Scott Designs. We want to honor military members, as well as cancer survivors and those with suffering mental health. When you order one of the bags in the Honor Collection, a portion of the proceeds will go to one of these three charity charitable organizations I wholeheartedly support: DTOM 22/0 FoundationFeisty Fighters, or the American Foundations for Suicide Prevention. 

IMG_9376.JPGFor the Military Collection, you can order either a PhoebeLaura, or several accessory options (even baby shoes!), all sewn with your BDU coat. We work with you to make sure all the details are exactly how you want them, like patches and insignia.  

I am one of the only ones in the nation who allows you to customize a bag honoring a military member, and I’ve loved doing it! We have gotten so many cool projects over the years. There was a woman who lost her husband in Afghanistan, and she sent his uniform in to be turned into a Phoebe bag. Years later, she married his best friend, who actually died in another war, and she had his uniform made into a Laura bag. Being a part of her tragic story was an honor for me, and there have been many stories like this. 

I was able to interview Chris of DTOM 22/0 a few months ago, and his mission is to lower the number of veteran suicides per year from 22 per day to zero. He talks all about his own story, as well as his mission on this episode, so I highly encourage you to check it out.

Woven Hope Terra Cube, brown.jpgThe Woven Hope Collection honors all those who have battled breast cancer. I have multiple family members who are survivors, so this is dear to me on a personal level. Woven Hope is a beautiful pink and yellow fabric available in several bags and accessories. 

And lastly, the Philip Tote honors those who have suffered with mental health, as well as their families and caregivers. You also have the option to send in a button down shirt of a loved one you’ve lost, and we will sew it into the bag as the interior lining. 

I know first hand the tole it takes to help someone who is struggling — it’s overwhelming. The AFSP is working hard to remove the red tape around mental health, and they want to see more intentional care and followup given to the one suffering, lessening the burden a bit for caregivers.

The Honor Collection has been an incredible blessing for me. Jesus said it is more blessed to give than receive, and it truly is my honor to give to these organizations, as well as to provide personalized memorabilia for lost loved ones. 

Let us all outdo one another in showing honor! (Romans 12:10)
Love, Bekah