The weather could not be any better- sunny and some shade where we need it! So far the art fair has been good. I discovered Sarah has yet another hidden talent. To get here, we woke up at 4am and left Brookings from my parents place and arrived around 8am to set up. So by 10: 30 we were already hungry-hungry. So you guessed it-fair food extra early! We got a walking taco and decided to share it, so I fed Sarah first, afterall, she is my big helper! When she had finished what she wanted she let me dig in, and then I discovered her skill set with mixing a walking taco. You know what I mean it is a fine art form to get everything mixed in, Sarah is the master at it, pure talent. When I told her how impressed I was, she laughed then explained her fine art. Too funny!

I can’t help but think about this coming week, I can’t wait to start the two new styles I cut out! I really do lose sleep when I have new ideas…can’t wait to show everyone and design one for myself to carry and advertise the new one. This coming week has two big shows as well, Windom Hospital “Tour of Tables” and a trunk show for Jill Roth in Parkston SD I am excited to do both, because Parkston (where Sarah teaches) has been so good to me, we have lots of fans over there, so I love to come and do a show and see Sarah and her home. The Windom hospital show is fun too, I love to see the nurses and catch up. I have discovered that some of my best customers are nurses or teachers. I don’t know if it is because they communicate so well together and really spread the word or what it is, but teachers and nurses really like my designs and that is wonderful!