Ahhhh peace…

What a wonderful Christmas season we have happening! I know it is over for the most part, but my family is doing Christma this weekend, so it doesn’t feel over just yet!

I want to thank everyone for buying and giving during the Christmas season, we are already seeing follow up orders from friends and family from those who gifted and received, thank you! How exciting to keep growing and growing!

I meet with my fabulous ‘Golden Girls’ or sales reps on the 7th to gear up for a new year and get motivated for all the new things we want to see happening. I started planning out all the paper work and I love seeing numbers. To me, numbers are black and white, the only things that change them are own actions, I love that part. We will also be talking over some new products I would like to introduce…think jewelry wraps, i-pod covers, and a new style. (Now don’t get your hopes up too soon, these things take lots of time because we are so busy thankfully with our current lines, but in the future…) !

IMG_2299I am doing paperwork and new designs on this break. I even took some time to make my daughter’s, Iversyn’s first Christmas dress, and as if that wasn’t enough, I made a coat for her too. After all she does have a mommy that LOVES to create, why not spoil her! It was adorable and so much fun. Everytime I get to the month of January I start dreaming bigger and bigger. I want to have a children’s line someday and I want to design fabric. I get so motivated looking at Gus’ storybooks and the illustrations or making Ivy clothes, I just can’t help it. So to start that process a little, I bought 120 colored pencils to start sketching and dreaming. You have to start somewhere, and I am the first to say, when you would like to do something, do something everyday to get closer to it. For example, buying the pencils, or making a phone call, or an email or blogging about your dreams, they have to start with small steps, you don’t just arrive! Stay tune, I get adreline just thinking about it, literally!IMG_2287

Gus, our son, says to me after 3 days of not sewing, “Mommy- you haven’t turned your machine on in a long time!” So yes I took a break in there and it felt good to regroup and re-energize. But I can’t wait to start up again.

So in the New Year, we are stocking up on Pollies, Scrunchy Scarfs, bags and the new style- think cross bag, long handle with more room than the Ashley style. I found a fabric that is GORGEOUS, that I will experiment with for it. It is red tapestry with a ‘moracan’ feel to it.

Happy New Year, have a great weekend and start on your goals, one step at a time!