Artists I met at Grand Forks.

I love meeting new and exciting artists. I met two jeweler artists that are really unique and really have the “look” I go for with jewelry. I really like elementally pieces. Pieces with wood, steel, rocks or nature inspired. However, I really probably like all jewelry -my favorites are just elemental. The first artist I ran across is Tessa Hiney, she has great hair accessories and some very cute, almost vintage inspired necklaces and earrings. She does not have a website yet, but her pieces are sold at some boutiques and her email is

The second artist is from Sioux Falls, Brenda Collison- Schmidt with Flourish Glass. She uses glass fusing techniques with vibrant sheets of glass that are handcut and layered with glass frits, powders, and stringers to create unique one of a kind designs. I LOVE her things, I own three of her rings, and they are super trendy and really great accessories. Her website is She has a great attitude about life and a fun personality to be around. She has a little girl that is almost a year soon, so I will have to get her equipped with one of my Olive dresses!

I just wanted to be sure and share my new great finds and spread the word about other “budding” artists.

We had fun at the Grand Forks Art Show. We ate at Blue Moose Grill and went to see the movie “Up” in 3D! Very funny and well worth the 3D version ;) The city of Grand Forks has the nicest downtown area. It is just so pretty and inviting. Sarah and I even went for a walk in the park and really enjoyed the sunset. I couldn’t help but just praise God during the walk, and thank Him for allowing me to live my dream. The only thing that would have made it better would be to have everyone I love with me in the moment. Just gorgeous, God is so good.

Next weekend is Aberdeen’s Art in the Park. Be sure to join us under the polkadotted tent! Our newest addition to the display, can’t wait! Invite friends and family in the area as well to see the newest and cutest things ;) Aberdeen Arts is in Melgaard Park and runs both Saturday and Sunday, June 20th and 21st. We will be roadtripping that morning at like 5am, so we will arrive spirited and ready to have fun! I have got a few new prototypes I am working on this week and hope to have them in time for Brookings Art in the Park. Stay tuned!!!