Behind the Scenes of an Art Show

As many of you may know, my husband Nick is a farmer, so every year as the summer months come to an end, our family knows what to expect: harvest season. Harvest season means earlier mornings and later nights, as well as a bit less family time than we are used to.

For Rebekah Scott Designs, the summer is harvest season. Summers are packed with many art shows and festivals, and I thought you all might be interested to know what goes on behind the scenes to plan for such an event.

Every January, I sit down and decide which shows to apply for. My job requires me to interview every single year, so there is never a guarantee. While this can be challenging, it gives me a great opportunity to trust the one who provides all things!

“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:19)

My January planning session usually takes me a good 4-5 hours to complete all the math and all the scheduling. I hire a sitter and everything! I keep notes from every show to know what to plan for the next year so I can get a good estimate of how many purses I’ll need, which purses are most popular, etc. Each year I increase my goal, and this keeps me at my top performance level.

The reason I have to start planning in January for shows that don’t start until June is that if I’m not ready ahead of time, I won’t be able to keep up! My two biggest shows — Brookings and Fargo — are just five days apart! So, this requires me to stock up early. For example, we got into the South Dakota State Fair this year (yay!), and I was essentially done sewing enough purses for that event by the end of February.

I’ve learned that I only work well under pressure that I create for myself, so if I give myself a deadline that is six months early, then I’m happy!

I also map out the accessory deadlines, as I have people helping me make those. All of this planning helps Rebekah Scott Designs always deliver to the customer. If I didn’t plan, we’d likely disappoint people.

Outside of all the preparation, I really just love show season! For most shows, just Sarah and I go, so I love having that time with her. I also love shows because of the face-to-face time I get with customers, as well as other retailers.

Coming up in July, we have three shows that I thought I’d bring to your attention. If you live in or near one of these places, be sure to find our booth!

Summer Arts Festival • Brookings, SD • July 12-13

This show is always, always such a blast. It also seems to always have gorgeous, sunny weather! Over 200 artists from across the nation have displays at this festival, so it’s great that there are two days to check everything out.

I also love this show because Brookings is home to many of my family members. This is the show they get to really see what I do, and what RSD has become.

Downtown Street Fair • Fargo, ND • July 17-19

Fargo customers are the most loyal customers ever! You can always expect 100-degree weather, between buildings with no airflow. Yet, somehow no one seems to car how hot it is. They even have customers from Canada who come down!

This is truly a huge event. Much of downtown traffic is blocked off to showcase all the vendors. We also have had good news coverage at the show in the past, so that’s always fun! The photo at the top of this blog post is from Fargo last year.

Mart in the Park • Madison, SD • July 26

This is a small, one-day show that I just love! I always call Madison the hot spot. The customers there are very loyal — every year they come to order their annual purse.

I hope this blog post is spreading some of my summer excitement to you!