Big Better Best!

That really describes this week for me. We had a huge serge of custom orders last week from customers and brides and gift-givers, and it was just awesome to lay them out and see just how many people are loving my things. So—that got me brainstorming …again!

I was cutting out bags for next week at like 11pm and I started brainstorming and dreaming big about where I want to go with this. I read this book about “Finding your Strengths” and discovered I have five main ones. I have blogged about this before, but I want to share what I discovered this time around. My vision board is in my kitchen where I cut out the bags on the island table. I saw the 5 strengths listed in bold: Positivity, motivator, activator, futuristic and maximizer. I really reflected on what each one means to me. I feel like they all speak so clearly about what God has gifted me in. I know I am doing what He intended and I just started thinking what else can I do with the skill set? Well to me it was saying, keep dreaming big, (Maximize), think bigger sales, (positivity) , starting designing own fabric line (futuristic), encourage others in their dreams whether customers or friends (motivator) and get started on all these products I have been sketching up (activator.) There you have it– a long list but believe me, they are now on my vision board. I want to do these things and they should be no brainers because I have the skill set to start them. So I introducing new and improved bags styles, boy baby booties (Gus stompers), sketching some fabric ideas and getting ahold of some big wig people on just how to go about having your own fabric printed, and then how to motivate my new sales teams to get out there and dream big themselves. Mark my words (and now my vision board) these things are going to get rolling, I just know it.

So I didn’t sleep well that night because I was too busy brainstorming about the new ideas and dreaming bigger. I would love to be a household name someday, (yah, I know a little cliche’ but I really think like that!) Rebekah Scott napkins? Rebekah Scott baby line? Rebekah Scott table linens? Rebekah Scott Art? Oh yeah, you name it, I have probably thought about it ;)

So we are completing 40 more bags for Yankton River Boat Days this next weekend, August 20th-22nd, which will be lot of fun. Mention this blog entry and receive 10% off! I also just sewed about 30 Barbies for the event too, she is Miss. Popularity these days.

We are camping this weekend with my family as our vacation for the summer. I can’t wait to just check-out for awhile from deadlines and due dates, this should be fun!

Thanks for a great summer, and keep on me about what’s new and exciting, even a “motivator” needs pick-me-ups!