What a great Saturday at home! I plan on creating a hairband for winter with a really cool “brooch” I have been dreaming about (literally- it was in my dreams) and then an owl hat. I love the months of January and February because I have a little bit more time to create, and that is what I am going to do today! I am also going to sew up some kind of “cupid” outfit for Miss. Ivy, our youngest, for her one year pictures, think lots of ruffles in red and pink!

Then for more exciting things I am going to sort. If I didn’t sew for a living, I would sort and organize for a living. If I have free time, (ha- when does that happen?) I like to sort and pitch things out. I just love the feeling of being efficient and knowing where things are. So yes a Saturday at our house looks like this!

Tomorrow I am very excited to have my first sales meeting with all my sales reps. All 5 are going to be there, and I am so thrilled to have them meet and greet together. We will be brainstorming and coming up with all kinds of new ideas and new ways to sell, just brace yourself, I foresee big things happening!

I have to tell you I had a show on Thursday night in Sioux Falls and it was a big success with the ‘Mindy’ style being Miss. Popularity! I am so excited that she is being so well received ;) I’m telling you the hands-free option is fantastic.

Thank you all for our 700th fan campaign on Facebook, we meet and exceeded the goal in one week, thank you all so much! Next up, 1000th fan- with $100 Bekah Bucks and $100 to the person who refers you!

Have a great week and I will keep you all posted on the sales meeting results- So excited!