Brainstorming fanatic

If I wasn’t a bag designer I would be a professional brainstormer. Yep, you heard right, I just LOVE brainstorming about any job or opportunity or business venture, I just plain LOVE it. I organized a “passion group” in Sioux Falls where a group of girls get together and chit chat about business and how to stay passionate about what we feel we are gifted in. I always feel uplifted and energized during and after the meeting. I have one in Brookings SD as well, and they really help me stay passionate about my work and about others dreams. I love brainstorming with the women on their businesses or their dreams. If you need some motivating in life or business feel free to join us for our meetings. Email us from the website at and we will tell you where and when, we would love to have new faces and new reasons to brainstorm. We may just be the ticket you needed to get started and start living your dreams!
I look at Iversyn and think, just what will her dreams be? Where will her journey go and how far and how big? I have been praying for God to reveal His will for her life early on so we can encourage and empower her in that journey. I can’t wait to brainstorm with her on how to get where she desires! So here’s to empowering women and living big, Praise God!