Buffalo Plaid: Get It While It's Hot!

thumbnail image for blog post: Buffalo Plaid: Get It While It's Hot!

Allow me to introduce my newest way to celebrate winter!  

Buffalo Plaid has made its debut, and it is now available with any style to make you look so cute for practically any occasion. But there’s a catch — this fabric is only available for a limited time. Buffalo Plaid is for the winter like pumpkin spice lattes are for the fall! ;) It's available two months only, so get it while it’s hot! ;)

Doesn’t everyone love a good plaid? It’s like when Rachel Ray says if you don’t like garlic, you’re wrong. If you don’t like Buffalo Plaid, you’re wrong! :) Seriously, I’ve just been dying to release this fabric for at least a year and a half, but it doesn’t exactly fit in the summer months, so I thought the limited release would be a good way to keep you trendy these blustery days. 

As you can see in the pictures, Buffalo Plaid is a pattern of subtle squares with bold red and black colors. I call it a pseudo-neutral, as it can pair with so many looks. It’s like tomboy meets country meats chic. And ahh, just so cute!

I love winter for its stillness. The air is crisp and quiet, the families and cards and dice around the table are intimate and warm. All the indoor activities cause us to pause and snuggle — and sometimes test our patience with one another, which is also a good thing! You can’t just throw kids outside every day, so we spend more time on our relationships and, by God’s grace, our love grows deeper. Also, have you noticed how the sunrises and sunsets seem pinker, more majestic, in the winter?

All that to say, I love winter, and Buffalo Plaid only makes me love it more. I hope you do, too! Make sure to shop early, because after February 29, it’s done!