Business Growth

12496264_1208581645836832_9030626436962257949_oI can’t figure out why, but God has chosen to greatly bless this little purse business! Actually, as each year passes, Rebekah Scott Designs seems to become not so little anymore. This past summer was our best in 12 years, and I am continuing to dream big!

About a year and a half ago, I starting working with Clint Brown, a friend and business consultant — in that order. (I’ve known him for 20+ years through church camp!) Within the last year, Clint started Alluvio, a Sioux Falls company that helps organizations become more effective and efficient. Here’s a line from their website:

“We work with unique businesses experiencing uncommon growth challenges to achieve strategic growth.”

I told Clint that I want to be the Martha Stewart of the Midwest. He thinks that’s so funny, and he’s going to help me get there! I prayed that God would help me hire someone smarter than myself, and he did — in the form of a bald man with a good sense of humor. :)

One thing Clint has helped me with is to really focus on designing. It’s been so beneficial to hire the right people and delegate well, and my time is better spent on what I’m good at. In the future (maybe 2-3 years) I would like to build a barn studio on the farm. Exciting!

Alluvio has also helped with target advertising, and this has been super successful. They said it’s because I know my audience well and that RSD is a brand people trust. Wow, what praise! And really, I have only you, my customers, to thank. As I said earlier, that has been our best summer yet. We’ve never sold so many purses or seen so many return customers! I just love seeing all of you up close in the summer. It gets lonely in the winter months! So again, THANK YOU!