Celebrating My Men

Rebekah Scott Designs loves and values women, as you know. But I would be LOST without the two most important men in my life!

Yesterday was Father’s Day, and today is Nick and my 13th wedding anniversary. So I wanted to take some time to tell you about these two incredible dads. :)

IMG_1036I’ll start with my dad, Papa Bud. He is the best ever! I know I’m not the only one to say that, but it’s true! He is a jack of all trades. He is a mechanic, a farmer, a handyman, a horse trainer, an inventor — you name it. He just rigged up a lawn mower that has a 72” deck, and a few weeks ago he fixed my cargo van, Jerry!

My dad of course took thorough notes when he fixed up Jerry!

I bet he spent three full days at least working on that van. Not only did he do the work, but he left me a legal pad of everything he did, not wanting his daughter to be unaware! He taught my sister and me what to do if Jerry breaks down again (he wasn’t very happy when his twins got stranded on I-90 on the way to an art show), but since he’s worked on it, I can’t imagine that happening. One of my parents’ cars went for 305,000 miles!

He is also so incredibly kind. He’s always sending my siblings and me Scripture and prayer requests, and he is just so gentle and genuine. Since my brother’s passing, I’ve been made more aware of this side of him, which has just made me love him more. He’s been through a lot of tragedy in his life, and he still manages to smile with joy.

I can’t say enough about how kind and good and godly my dad is. And each one of his grandkids has a thing for Papa Bud. Something about him — they can’t resist!

13502593_1235832779784378_4234111068159469436_oAnd then, of course, what would I do without my husband, Nick? In honor of Father’s Day, let me just tell you about how wonderful a father he is.

He wanted to be a dad the moment we got married! He just loves fatherhood, mainly because he believes in a God bigger than himself. We both know we have failures in parenting, and we both know where to look in those failures — to our perfect Father.

We have one son and three daughters, and Nick just loves it. My Grandpa Christie had five girls, and he would just say, “It’s wonderful. I’m the most well taken care of man there is.” And Nick says the same thing: “I’m very well taken care of.”

After four kids together, we have both grown in patience. He has always been more calm than me, but we’ve both grown in that area too. From the start, he has never feared babies. He’s the first to grab a newborn in the room!

Another reason I love Nick fathering our children is that he is good about seeking out mentorship from other men to help him be the best dad he can be. This displays so much godly humility to me!

And then, lastly, today marks the 13th day of our marriage! God has truly blessed us beyond measure. Thirteen years is a testament not to us, but to God’s good grace! Somehow, each year has been great, and each year has gotten better.

I love you, Nick! And I love you too, dad. :)