Choosing Family First…

Well I made a very scary but good decision this week. I have been filling inventory for all the art shows and the trunk shows and still running short on them. If I am doing my figuring right for how many I need to support all the shows, I am 90 short. That’s right, 90 short. I have never been this busy, I have been busy but I have never been this busy. It’s just crazy, and I love it but I had to sit back and evaluate some things. So because I need to fill about 90 bags in about 3 weeks, I have been working and working without a lot of sleep or sanity. I work at home with my children right next to me. We take lots of breaks and I meet their needs like any mother would, but I was letting things slip and it started to get to me. I have always been very “domestic,” meaning I like to have dinner every night at the table with my little family unit and do the dishes together and pray together and catch up our days with each other. We don’t do this every night, but at least 4 nights a week we do eat together. I was getting so busy; I was staying up till like midnight and then back up again at 5 to sew. Well it’s a good thing I love what I am doing so I don’t get tired of it but I do get stressed by it at times. So when things starting slipping with my family and my little ones needs weren’t being met, I knew I had to make a decision.

I was busy sewing and my son Gus needed something and he was saying, “mommy mommy mommy” over and over again, (like we all know so well!) and I just snapped, I yelled and I will never forget the look on his face. It is permanently impressed on my brain. I realized things had to change. So I bent down to his level told him I was sorry and promised him I would play some ball right then and there. He hugged me back and was busy getting his ball and bat, while I reflected on what just happened. I stood back up and read the sign I have printed above my ironing board, it says, “wife, then mother, then designer”. It reminds me of my priorities and the order of importance. I got it from a really good book called, “A Woman After God’s Own Heart.” The book changed things in my life drastically. It explained to me how to serve my family joyfully and how to use my gifts from God. So that being said I asked myself how I can fix what just happened?

So I decided after prayer and talking with my husband, not to do Aberdeen Arts Festival. I HATE even thinking about canceling the show but I have to think about it like this: It may not be the best decision for my business, but without a doubt the BEST decision for my family. Iversyn, my daughter is only a baby once, the art festivals are every summer, but she is only a baby for a very short time. This way my quality and purses remain at top notch.

So there I said it. Yikes, still makes me nervous, but we will survive.

I would like to still offer our 10% off show special for anyone within 50 miles of Aberdeen. I know I had some customers coming and I feel terrible, but you can still redeem your 10% off coupon through email and our shopping cart online. I am sorry, but my family and I thank you.

Here’s to a busy summer and being a mom— the best job I have.