Choosing Joy in a Pandemic

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IMG_5485.jpegNo doubt these are unique times for everyone. I don’t know your specific situation, but I want to encourage you to find the many reasons to still find joy and give thanks. We could give thanks before the coronavirus, we will be able to give thanks after it’s done — and we can give thanks right now! 

For me, I’m choosing to love all the extra family time. Seven days a week with all of us sitting together for supper — this will never happen again! Never! So I’m choosing to appreciate this blessing. I’m choosing to get to know my children on a deeper level, completely outside of school and sports contexts. I’m choosing to read a book with the kiddos since I’m not running to the next thing. I’m choosing to enjoy longer times of worship in the morning by myself. 

To be sure, Rebekah Scott Designs is a growing business, so of course it’s hard right now. But again, I’m choosing to focus on the blessings. You guys, IMG_5401.jpegseamstresses across America are coming out of the closet! With the demand for face masks, we are needed! It’s uniting us across the nation, giving us a deep sense of camaraderie and great purpose. It’s so fun! 

I’m also focusing on how I can help, not what I’m lacking. I’ve been able to make a bunch of masks, and we are also doing loads of giveaways right now. I know that seems counterintuitive, but we give because He gives, and I keep trusting that He will provide!

If you are one of the many people who have extra time, I’d encourage you to make the best of it and see if you can improve some areas. I’ve recorded 100+ episodes on the Encourager that totally apply right now. I’ve talked about how to work at home, how to set a schedule, how to set goals, how to plan your summer — so many timely topics! Feel free to binge on encouraging words. Then set a weekly IMG_5355.jpegschedule, and stop forgetting the day of the week! ;) 

I also want to encourage you to keep creating! My mission is still to remind you that creating will give you joy. So feel free to design a purse on our website, even if you don’t purchase! Or, bake a cake or learn to knit — be creative in this time!

And lastly, I’m choosing to breathe grace and forgiveness in the same breath. I don’t know your specific struggles, but God does! Remember to cast all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you (1 Peter 5:7). 

With love,