Come out and see us!

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bekah sarah show.jpgIt may be the end of August, but I’m not saying goodbye to summer yet!

Thankfully we still have a few big art shows, because I’m not ready for Show Season to end! This weekend we head to the South Dakota State Fair — five full days packed with 4H excitement, returning customers, and lots of nostalgia. It really is always just a blast. 

Lest anyone forgets my favorite thing at the fair, there is a special code you can mention to save $10 on your purchase of $100 or more at our booth: “ChickenBarn10.” :) With five full days, people often stop by our booth several times to consider all their options. I love getting the extended time to see and catch up with customers, so I hope you can make it out! We will be in the air conditioned Expo Building, so you might just want to hang out for a break from the heat! 

While I’m in Huron, SD, my friend Lauren will be taking RSD to the Frankfort Fall Festival, which is just outside Chicago. I’m so excited for her to go! Getting into Chicago feels like a huge milestone to me, and I can’t wait for them to see the creativity the upper Midwest has to offer. 

The weekend after, we wrap up the season with the Sidewalk Arts Festival in Sioux Falls. This is my home area, so these guys keep me on my toes! This show has grown so much, and it’s a great representation of the Sioux Falls art clan, with the fun Downtown vibe. Every year after the show, I bring home Chinese to my family as a marker that Show Season is over. (And yes, I cry on my drive home every year as I think of how grateful I am for what I get to do!) 

After a short break in September, I get to hit the road for two new Wisconsin shows. I’ve always wanted to try these ones, and now that my kids are getting older, the opportunities have opened up. The first one is Holy Hill Arts and Crafts Fair, and Nick is coming with me! He hasn’t been able to come to a show with me in years, so I’m really looking forward to that. And the second is called the Cranberry Festival, and I get to take Sar-Bear with me! Now that we are both moms, extended time together is more rare, so I’m really excited for that drive as well. I’m also just eager for new areas in general, as it’s always fun to meet new customers and discover different creative needs.

So, here’s a quick recap on all these upcoming shows and their dates: 

South Dakota State Fair: Aug. 29 - Sept. 2 in Huron, SD

Frankfort Fall Festival: Aug. 31 - Sept. 2 in Frankfort, IL

Sidewalk Arts Festival: Sept. 7 in Sioux Falls, SD

Holy Hill Arts & Crafts Fair: Sept. 21 in Hubertus, WI

Warrens Cranberry Festival: Sept. 27-29 in Warrens, WI

Thank you to everyone who came out to the shows so far to see me! And maybe I’ll see you again soon. :) 

With love and gratitude,