Day With Bekah Workshop Slots Filling Up!

thumbnail image for blog post: Day With Bekah Workshop Slots Filling Up!

My book, Equipped to Execute: Guiding Moms to Joyfully Impact Family and Business, officially launched in June, and it’s been an exciting ride! With the book release, I’ve been doing speaking events and offering personal coaching for anyone interested — and there is one event I do not want you to miss…

My “Day with Bekah Workshop” is HALF OFF through September 22 to just FOUR special customers!

It will be a whole-day event, and I can’t wait! I’ll help you know your who, what, when, where and why for your home life and your business. I’ll help you block your time and establish your personal systems for what works. You’ll go home with a full binder of handouts and three 30-minute coaching calls for accountability after the event.

Come with questions, and be prepared for big goals and inspiration! The prerequisites for the workshop include reading my book and answering the questions at the end of each chapter. Claim your spot today!! This special is for the beta group only, since it’s the first one! So you’ll want to sign up quickly for this awesome deal.

If you haven’t gotten a copy of the book yet, I’d love for you to give it a read! One really cool praise came from The Purposeful Home, a podcast for helping women with life, marriage and motherhood. They have thousands of followers, and they listed me as their number one book read! Super exciting! 

My podcast, The Encourager, has also gained more recognition since the release of the book. We’re on a four week break right now (I’m sticking to the priorities I always talk about!), but our next series will have quite the exciting episode. Just last week I got to interview a national speaker and best-selling author who will keep your life uncluttered. Can you guess who?? ;)

To close, let me give one more big encouragement to consider the Day with Bekah Workshop if you could benefit from a full day of personalized coaching!