Do you do diaper bags?

I get asked/emailed/facebooked this question a lot, and yes I do diaper bags. I have a link on my website for babies and mommies. I don’t call one certain bag ‘a diaper bag’ because all of my large size bags could be considered “diaper bags.” Each bag has pockets that line the inside (all the styles and sizes do) but on the large ones, they are sized specifically to fit diapers, wipes and a bottle/sippy cup. So, YES, we do have a diaper bags, we just have mush cuter names for them like, Olivia, Rachel, Jessica, Genesis and Jocelyn. Enjoy all you Mommies something that makes you look cute and your little one, that doesn’t scream “Diaper Bag.” These just scream cute, chic and functional! Also, all the bags are washable, so no crying over spilled milk, or whatever else gets spilled ;)

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