Do you do this full time?

I love hearing this question. Because it reminds me of my blessings and that I doing my dream job full time. I often laugh and reply, yes, in fact, I work full time, part time, weekends, nights and holidays! I thought I would give a little look into what I do every week to help explain myself.

Every week, depending on the season, we sew (my team) about 20-25 bags. We do 20 or so first phase for 2-3 days and then do 20 or so 2nd phase for 2-3 days. First phase is cutting out and putting the outside of the bags together and sewing the linings. Second phase is sewing the outside and lining together and finishing the detailing. I enjoy both stages and have really discovered a fine science to it all. Each week is a little different, but I usually start 1st phase on Monday, finish by Wednesday and then 2nd phase till late Friday. It’s a long week but I love what I do and so it is energizing to see the bags all line up and ready to sell. My favorite part is doing the detailing and thinking about who will love them and why. I really do design what inspires me and what I see others wearing and loving. I have a few customers who ask me to just come up with something they would like because they trust my eye and give me design freedom. Weekends are usually art shows or creating prototypes for new purse styles or new accessories all together. Yes, I work full time, but I don’t really consider it work, I consider it living life the way I was meant to full time.