Edina Art Fair follow up…

What a great weekend we had in Edina MN! We sold quite a few bags despite all the rain and cold weather we had a on Saturday. We will for sure be back to Edina next summer! We had really neat booth mates surrounding us there too. We had a spoon artisan that I bought an estate ring from, her business is called “Silverware Creations” and her website is www.silverwarecreations.com. Love her things!

We also met a really beautiful art jeweler named Kerri Norman. Her website is http://www.sterlingsunjewelry.com/ Mark my words, I will own one of her pieces someday! She has truly unique and one of kind pieces. I loved hearing about how she made them.

And then we also met Michael Holmes, with Michael Holmes Artworks. He paints the most amazing scenes of cities. He is an acrylic and pastel artist. He gave Sarah and I one of his prints to hold us over until we can buy a big one! We had a ball with him, he is full of energy and good spirit. I really hope we see him around with shows all year round, he helped pass the time so quickly. Sarah and I couldn’t get over how much we laughed with him. His website is www.michaelholmesart.com . He even posed with a purse to help advertise, now that’s quite a man!!!

The way to grow a small business is to network and make constant connections. And I will do everything I can to spread the word about other artisans I admire and aspire to be like. Meeting all the artisans is so much fun at the shows. We really do enjoy their company and their ideas. We are all out there pursuing our dreams and marching to the beat of a artisan drum.