Edina Show

We are here! Wow, our day, (Sarah and I) started at 6:30 this morning, getting lost in Minneapolis rush hour and then arriving late but safe to the show here in Edina. It has been a lot of fun selling purses to the crowd here and meeting the other artisans, one of my favorite parts. I met the coolest spoon artist, I will post their website soon when I can find their card ;) We have a great booth location, close to a corner, number 467 right next to Lund’s grocery store and a….wait for it….STARBUCKS! Dangerous for us I know! We are on 50 th str which is a main drag in Edina, we couldn’t even ask for better weather, so all is good at this show. If you are near, be sure to stop in and see us. We have new styles, like the Jannell, and new bobbin pins that are covered buttons on a heavy duty bobbin pin. We will post pictures of it soon! Who doesn’t love hair accessories? Oh, who am I kidding, who doesn’t love accessories?!!! Stay tuned for pictures of our events and funny road trip stories, we already had a quite a few laughs, but haven’t started writing on our book again yet, tomorrow possibly. Also, I sketched out a least two more bag ideas, and some coin purse ideas, the possibilites are endless when there is this much creative energy dancing around.