Falling in love with new fabrics

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I know it’s still August, but I’m feeling the urge to step into fall a little early. Fall has the most beautiful weather, the best comfort foods and the coziest living rooms. I wish it lasted all year long! 

new fabrics.jpgAnd of course, fall fashion — don’t get me started. :) I love the big knit sweaters and chunky scarves, so I am going heavy on textured fabric for this fall. We have just introduced four new fall fabrics, three new linings, and one new zipper color. Get ready to show some creativity!

The four exterior fabrics are Titan, Iron Leopard, Navy Birch and Pumpkin Spice. They are rich and warm in feel, and heavy as you hold them. They will survive anything and everything!

The linings are amazing fall hues as well. They are called Juniper Breeze, Lilac Bouquet, and Floral Spice. And our new sage zipper is a beautiful, subtle accent to almost anything you might design.  

I want you to know that many of these fabrics were voted on and named by our VIPs. So if you aren’t a part of our VIP group yet, make that happen! You’ll be the first to see new purses and fabrics, and you get to vote on fabric names and new product ideas. There are all kinds of specials and perks that we release for the VIPs, so what are you waiting for? :)

Our VIPs recently voted on our new Rebekah Scott Designs t-shirt, which I can’t wait to see you all wearing at art shows! They chose the slogan “Own who you are,” which is in line with our mission that God has given you your gifts and your roles, and it’s a great joy to excel in his calling. The shirts are produced by the wonderful boutique Rustic Honey, and you can pre-order your shirt here.

And lastly, even though most shows were called off this summer, I still have two upcoming ones for the fall! If you can, come see me at the South Dakota State Fair Sept. 3-7 in Huron, or the Sidewalk Arts Festival Sept. 12 in Sioux Falls. 

Praise God, from who all blessings flow!