Fill Fill Fill!

Hello all! What a month I have ahead. I feel like we have been wiped out of bags and need to fill fill fill! What a good problem to have though. So I am filling them up and having fun with the new fabrics. (all posted on facebook and my website,

I LOVE fall, the smell, the colors, the atmospher, everything. My husband just built a fire pit and I have feeling we will get plenty of use out of it this fall vs. summer. I am always asking Gus if I can smell his head and the air in it, he thinks I am pretty funny and now asks me, “mommy want to smell again?” I have to get in big whiffs while I sew! Iversyn decided to do too many things at once this week. I love how they are growing right along and everything is happening one thing at a time, and then WHAM- reality check they are getting bigger and this mom needs to get over it. She is crawling, eating cereal and now has a tooth breaking through. ONE thing at a time please!! It’s fun to see her get bigger, but I just love babies and so I want them to need me forever. ;)

I have been getting the bags ready for stores and my sales reps. I have four very talented ladies helping me sell, so I can sew! I couldn’t make all the trunk shows people were asking for, so I started thinking I need some help. I prayed about it and God introduced 4 very encouraging, and might I add, beautiful women to help me out. They motivate me and keep my business top notch to the customers. What fun to see this growth I have been dreaming about. My vision all along was to stay home and raise babies while doing what I love- here I STILL am! I will blog later about their names, personalities and what fun they are.

That’s all for now, enjoy this weather, take deep breaths in your kids hair and update your fall look with a purse ;)!!