FIVE days of giveaways for caregivers

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I often say that we give because He gives. We have been given so much, so I love taking opportunities to give and give and give. 

In this spirit of giving, this week is our RSD Caregivers Week! We thought it would be fun to spoil those people that don’t get a lot of recognition — with a giveaway each weekday! Just tune into Facebook at noon to see the giveaway up close, and to get a chance to nominate the special caregivers in your life. All the giveaway bags will be ready-to-ship, which means the special caregiver will only need to endure a short wait. :) 

DSC_5382.jpgMonday: Kinley Cube for Moms 

Yesterday was all about mommas! Mother’s Day was just on Sunday, so this was one more way to show a little love to your precious mom. I’ve always been so close with my mom — she is where my love of sewing began! She works with me, and the Peggy purse is named in her honor.

As a mom of four myself, I am confident that every mom always loves more organization and storage, and the Kinley Cube is perfect. It’s a great bag with so many possibilities — toiletries, diaper and wipes, snacks — you name it. 

If this inspires you to spoil a special mom in your life, remember that we have a whole Baby Collection with all sorts of products sure to bless her! 

Tuesday: Concealed Gretta for Teachers 

Today we loved on teachers! Teachers are near and dear to my heart. They run deep in my family. My Grandma Christie was a teacher and all of my siblings have been teachers, so I get an up-close view of the energy and love they pour out for their students.  

Gretta is perfect for books, laptops, or anything school-related. Also, if you are looking for gifts to celebrate the end of the school year, the Cosmetic Four-PackWristlet Three-Pack, or the Polly 10-Pack all make great bundles for gift giving. 

Wednesday: Laura for Nurses

I immediately think of all my labor and delivery nurses, and I can still remember with my first when one of the nurses ended her shift. I couldn’t believe she was leaving! I thought we were best friends! ;) They were just so wonderful, and that’s true of all nurses. They serve and love others every single day. The Laura is the perfect medium sized purse, and I know the hard working nurse in your life would love it. 

PLUS, Wednesday only, you can get free shipping for a ready-to-ship Laura! Watch the video to find out how. :)

DSC_5761.jpgThursday: $150 gift code for Military Members

My Grandpa Christie was a decorated WWII veteran, and my dad served in the infantry, so military caregivers are also special to me on a personal level. For our Honor Collection, we personalize items to honor a lost loved one, including our military heroes.

The recipient of this giveaway will receive $150 toward a custom Honor Collection item, which includes our military line. Our customized military bags are made with your BDU coat, as well as any patches and insignia you want included.

Friday: Elizabeth for Traveling Caregivers

There are so many people who go unnoticed who travel to care for loved ones. Maybe it’s caring for aging parents, or maybe a sick child. These can be long, hard seasons, and often without recognition. I just can’t wait to give these heroes an Elizabeth! I also always recommend the Gus or Olive for great travel bags.

So, once again, make sure to tune into Facebook every day this week at noon! You can also watch the video after it’s gone live, and you’ll see what you need to do to enter a special caregiver for the giveaway.

Thanks to all you caregivers out there, who love others in so many ways!

“But whoever would be great among you must be your servant, and whoever would be first among you must be slave of all. For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Mark 10:43-45