Grand Forks= Grand Fun!

First Adventure: My twin sister and I do all the shows together, and she is the best adventure partner ever! We are always running into some kind of trouble with cars, trailers or load in or load out. Well this trip delivered a lot of fun. It’s five hours to Grand Forks so a long trip considering. About 14 miles outside of Watertown we realized we were out of gas, not just like 10 more miles and you will be empty, but the fuel economy on our van just had stars, not even a zero for us. So we didn’t panic but we certainly laughed and coasted for like 14 miles. When we could roll into a gas station, by the grace of God, we filled up 16.8 gallons, the tank holds 16 gallons…..oh my.

Second Adventure: We get to the hotel at 11pm after we set up and go to check in under Rebekah Scott. The attendant looks at us funny and says, a Rebekah Scott just checked in, So yes, two Rebekah Scotts were signed up, which meant she gave our room to the other really cool Rebekah Scott (at least I assume that because of her name ;) 11pm, and no room, and the town is booked solid because of the arts fest and a soccer tournament. The attendant says I have one room open; it is a smoking suite with a Jacuzzi tub. Well we need to smell it first and then decide, and then she says “It will be free.” Sold! We stayed in it and showered to make sure the smoke didn’t soak in…crazy us.

Third Adventure: We are traveling home and singing at the top of our lungs to Sarah’s ipod music and then I break down into tears like I always do, praising God for this lifestyle I live and allowing me to thrive when Sarah hands me Kleenex to dry up. I always have that moment, and I know it is God reminding me of my blessings. I reflect often in my life because I just can’t take for granted what He has given me. So that’s my third adventure, this life!