Grand Forks Weekend…

Here we are, on the road again. This time- Grand Fork ND for the Grand Cities Art Festival. The air in the car is real excitement, have I ever mentioned that I love what do? Seriously, I am really living my dream everyday. I am reminded of it everyday with different things that I do, but especially on the road to shows laughing and dreaming up new ideas and envisioning where else the road may take us. I tell Sarah often, this trip is short, think of when we try Vegas and Chicago! (Oh yes, you heard right, I am going to try to those shows before we know it!) We have been talking about which restaurant we will try tonight, Italian or Chinese; usually Chinese wins out for us. Our hotel this time even has a pool, which is an upgrade from our normal- dead bolt and lock -yellow-lighted- scared for our lives motels. I have been busy cutting out the new bobbin pin fabric to make those up tonight to sell next week, and Sarah has been navigating the road with a trailer who follows her verbal commands- yes she talks to it, makes her feel in control.

It was a busy week trying to get everything restocked for this show from Edina last weekend. We got it all done and I am excited to show again. I cut out two brand new styles I had sketched last weekend while selling and I am anxious to see what they turn out like. There will be probably be a few prototypes before they are complete and ready to add to the line, but I started. I realized this week, that I really enjoy evening bags and coming up with new ideas for them, and then I thought, “Oh who am I kidding? I just love purses!” I am leaning on naming one of the bags Kelsey, after a childhood friend of my out west river and the other one has to grow on me to see who it reminds me of.

I had a rather significant realization this week. I was thinking of which fabrics and styles sold the best, and it occurred to me the more I follow my gut and my own design ideas, the more they sell. I used to design for others and what fabric I would think people would like, but then I realized the more I cater to my likes and my design thoughts, the bigger I become. It was comforting to realize that I know what I am doing and that I really do have a gift dream, I love what I do, thank you God.