Happy Birthday, Grandma!

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My Grandma Pauline just turned NINETY, and what a celebration it was! We had almost the whole family together, which you can see in the picture, is a lot! Grandma has five kids, 14 grandkids, and 14 great-grandkids. 

If you know Grandma Pauline, you know she is one of most ambitious 90-year-old ladies you will ever meet. Not only does she live on her own and get around great, but she dances, plays cards, and loves to travel. She’s excellent for conversation on a slow afternoon, or even on a busy afternoon!

I’ve actually named TWO bags after this special lady — both Polly and Elizabeth. (Her full name is Pauline Elizabeth Eggers) She’s always been one of my biggest fans, and I’m honored to have her as my grandma! I’ve interviewed her before, but I wanted to showcase her again to celebrate her 90 special years!

What are some important lessons you’ve learned over 90 years?

Do you have all afternoon? I've had a good life. I have five kids, and they all have children, children, children! My life is my family.

How was your birthday party?

It was a fabulous party. I think 42 relatives were here. Out of five children, that’s pretty good!

Can you give a brief overview of you life?

We were farmers West River, married 64 years. We retired here in Brookings in 2002. 

I have four sons, and one daughter who is from Atlanta, Georgia who calls often. It seems if I make a mistake or do something my sons let Sandra know, and she’s the good mama to straighten me out. We do have lots of laughs. My kids have been the best support a mom could ever have.

What values or principles do you live by?

One time a very sincere, smart granddaughter was listening to me talking to someone and she said, “I like to think positive.” What a beautiful saying, for a girl just 21! Now it’s hanging right here on my wall. I think of that and remember, don’t put anyone down!

Best parts of being 90?

Ninety years is wonderful. I’d do it all over again! I’m looking to a few more years.

What are some hobbies or activities you enjoy to do?

The senior center has been an answer to prayer! They just accept you. It’s practically my second home! I go in and visit for an hour or two most afternoons. It’s just a super place. Also, I belong to the Methodist church.

Any thing else RSD customers should know?

I sewed all the kids clothes when they were young, and look where Bekah is now!