Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

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Did you know my very first employee was my mom?

When I first started out, I called her in a panic, saying, “There’s no way I can do this.” She calmly said, “I’ll help you out with a few of them.” Well, here we are 15 years later, and she’s still helping me out with a few of them!  

I learned to sew from my mom, who learned to sew from her mom (my Grandma Christie). They didn’t just teach me to sew, but to sew with excellence. They didn’t think this was anything special — just a necessary life skill. I love being able to show them that making something skillfully and beautifully is more than a task; it’s a valuable tradition!

I have a distinct memory of my mom making sweatshirts for a craft show, and she only charged $30. I knew all the time and money she put into those sweatshirts, and she probably only made about $4. I remember deciding, almost in that moment, that I wanted to do it differently. I believed there would be people who would value quality, handmade products as much as we did. 

My mom is known for often saying, “It’s so simple!” She’ll make an amazing, elaborate meal. “It’s so simple!” To her it is, but the rest of us are left astounded.  

Along with sewing, baking has always been a part of my domestic life, and I received all these skills from my mom. Growing up, we didn’t have access to a Walmart, so we bought yeast three pounds at a time, butter 25 pounds at a time, and we never had less than 15 pounds of butter in the house. Even now, every time I have bread rising, it brings me back to the countertops out west. One of my favorite recipes is my mom’s French bread. If you know her, you’ve probably tried it! It was also my brother Philip’s favorite, so it makes me think of both of them. 

I still speak with my mom at least once a day. I love receiving her encouragement, and she still inspires me to keep going forward and trying new things. She’s just fantastic.

Happy Mother’s Day, mom!