Happy Thanksgiving!

Christmas is my favorite holiday, but oh, how I LOVE Thanksgiving! Every day I am overwhelmed by how much I have to be thankful for.

Last year I listed 10 of my blessings. Well, this year, I’m only doing five! Now with four kids, my blessings have multiplied — but definitely not my time. :)

  1. nickNick’s SDARL program. This is a program that turns farmers into businessmen. It has been so great to see my husband be so passionate about something! His confidence (which wasn’t lacking before) has just shot through the roof! He has big dreams for this family farm, and it’s wonderful to see him think bigger for himself, beyond the day-to-day tasks.
  2. Four healthy pregnancies and four healthy babies. What did I do to deserve this? (Nothing, of course!) I never once had a NICU stay or any pixyn 9 mopregnancy complications. Pixyn is my youngest, and she is still a bundle of joy at nine months now. It’s so easy to take health for granted!
  3. My relationship with my mom and siblings. With my mom sewing, we get to talk every day. Who gets to do that?? My brother died last year tragically, and as a family we’ve still been able to be open about it, and that is such a blessing. I talk with my siblings all but every day, and I love how we love each other, flaws and all!
  4. 2015’s business successes. I am especially thankful for our new website! With the virtual designer, we’ve had a surge in business. The site is what I’ve always wanted, without knowing exactly what it was! I’m also so thankful for my staff. People always say, “How do you do it?” The secret is I’ve hired really good staff! They are amazing, giving, encouraging people who believe in me and Rebekah Scott Designs.
  5. The United States of America. We all take our freedoms for granted, and we really have nothing to complain about! We can drive up to a window, get a pop, and drive home like it’s no big deal. We have so many privileges in America; it’s an entrepreneur’s dream!
I hope your are enjoying your family, friends and turkey (or whatever you are eating), and Happy Thanksgiving!