Here we ….Goooooo!!!!

My goodness has business exploded! We are so busy and it is so fun, I titled this blog entry “here we go” because that’s what I feel like right before a big rush of orders or shows or whatever the next big phase is, it’s like right before you go over the big turn or hill on a rollercoaster, you say to yourself…Here …..we…..gooooooo! That’s why I write that a lot…just really describes how this business works. It’s scary, it’s fun, it’s busy and it’s always got turns and spins, and rushes of energy.

I am so overwhelmed with gratitude and emotion for this business right now. It has just been so fun to see it become what I have been dreaming for so long. For 3 weeks in a row, we had over 1000 NEW visitors to the website, not returners (although we love you too ;) NEW ones, WOW! I am so humbled and excited about what God is doing for this business. I do what I love everyday and stay at home and see my desires played out, does it get any better? I can’t wait to find out!

I had a show this week in rural Madison for Madison SD teachers and it was a huge success. Eighteen, yah count ‘em….18 bags are now running around Madison, that town is such a hot spot for me! I have about 4 hot spots that I know of since being in business that I know will always sell a lot of my product, Madison SD, Rochester MN, Parkston SD, and Windom MN. They are always GREAT shows and so fun to go to because I see my regular customers and they just keep adding to their collections. Thank you Hot Spots! I should mention here— if you want your town to become a hot spot, book a trunk show! Visit my website at and look at our hostess tools to see just how easy it is and help get you prepared, you could be the next Hot Spot! ;)

So what’s next? Christmas! Can you believe it? Less than 70 days away! I LOVE the christmas spirit, I started listening to music already, I set my own traditions of deciding I could listen as early as I wanted to for it! Order your gifts now so I have them in time for your guest list. Around the Holidays, I have a 4 week turnaround, so figure that in now! I also offer 10% off for any order over 2 with accessories. Now’s the time! Visit the website to check up on where we will be next on the road to come see us and buy on the spot. The next big one is the Autumn Festival in Shakopee MN, at Canterbury Downs, Nov. 11th-14th, it’s so much fun to go to, gets you in the spirit of everything.

That’s it for now, and as I love to say……”Here…..we….goooooo! “