How many ways can you use a Philip Tote?

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Border Philip Tote, marigold straps_model.JPGMaybe you have a similar memory: Do you have an aunt, or one of your mom’s friends, who had a go-to bag that she had with her at every gathering? She probably used it to carry everything from casseroles to Christmas gifts to picnic blankets to overnight clothes. 

Well, I have good news for you! The Philip Tote can be your “aunt bag,” so it might as well be cute! ;)

There are so many good things about the Philip Tote. First of all, it’s a give-back bag. A portion of the proceeds go to support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, an organization so important many, including myself.

The Philip Tote is now available as completely design your own. So you can choose any exterior fabric, lining, and handle color. You can make it team spirit themed (blue and gold, anyone?), or maybe your family has a color theme. Whatever the case, make it your own! 

Once you have your own Philip Tote, you will discover it’s the bag you need for everything. 

  • It’s the perfect car bag. You know that extra stuff you need to keep in the car that doesn’t really have a “place?” Extra tools, emergency supplies, a phone charger, and a blanket can all be kept in one stylish tote.
  • Use it for an overnight bag to fit all your essentials, and then some.
  • For my teacher friends: it’s great to carry your books, charts, and folders to school!
  • Do I have any fellow sport moms out there? The Philip Tote is a perfect tournament bag! It can carry water bottles, snacks, games or books for downtime, and much more.
  • To my many crafting friends, think of the Philip Tote for a craft or yarn bag — one bag to carry your needles, yarn skeins and the multiple projects you have going on!
  • It would also make a great beach bag. Towels for the family, extra clothes, sunscreen, and all the rest of your swimming gear can be toted in style! 

And I could go on and on, but I hope this gives you an idea of the Philip Tote’s many possibilities. I also recommend a couple sunglass cases and a Kinley Cube to store inside your Philip to keep it extra organized. (The sunglass cases are good for so much more than sunglasses!) 

To sum it all up, the Philip Tote embodies everything I want RSD to continue to be. It gives back, and it helps you to be creative, organized, and successful in all your roles. To God be the glory in all small things!