Huge Success at Brookings and Spearfish Arts…

What a week we have had! We had Brookings Arts and it was amazing! We are so excited about our sales and already dreaming and brainstorming about how to expand. God has blessed this business so much; I am just so overwhelmed with gratitude for His desire to help me succeed at what I love.

So speaking of expanding, we are going to be introducing more of our children’s line, “the Olive Branch” this coming fall. We have some prototypes and we have ordered the fabric and arranged the layout, so stay tuned for the big reveal.

I had church camp all week at Storm Mountain Center in the Black Hills. It was a great week of counseling and getting to know the campers, they are 7th and 8th graders. I have done the camp along side my husband for about 12 years now; he has been there 16 years. The camp is where we met, and then fell in love and he even proposed at camp at the campfire with all the campers! The camp has very special memories for us both and continues to bless our lives and refresh us and our purpose.

So now we are at Spearfish Arts and selling bags again and really enjoying the weather and fulfilling the return customer’s orders. I love seeing the bags walk around the park and thinking, hey that’s one of mine!

Thank you to all who bought and ordered this summer, it is really a dream come true, however, I have a feeling I am not done dreaming. ;)