I Give Because He Gives

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Have you heard about our Image Bearer Project?

Four times a year, Rebekah Scott Designs teams with a group of business owners to bless a woman in any way possible. This could be a keepsake to remember a lost loved one, or a gift card for a date night, or help starting a website — there are so many possibilities. The whole point is to more clearly display the image of Jesus, to give as he gives. 

I started the Image Bearer Project back in January as a way to help people in hard situations. That has certainly happened, but it has also turned into a way to recognize the extraordinary in the ordinary. 

RSD customers can nominate a woman for the Project, and I have loved reading through the nominations. Most are for seemingly everyday women, but to their friends and family, they are simply amazing. What a blessing it has been to read about the friend who just had her third miscarriage, and yet still goes to all the baby showers at church. Or about the woman who grieves the loss of her mother, and then shows up at her son’s basketball game dressed up and ready to cheer. Or about the mom in the carpool line who is somehow always cheerful.  

The Image Bearer Project has been a fantastic way to recognize the small acts of kindness that are anything but small. Women everywhere are giving of themselves to others, loving and serving often without recognition. The Image Bearer Project is just a little recognition for these amazing, everyday women. 

My passion for giving started with my parents. I’ve watched them give when they couldn’t, and it has always stuck with me. Then there was a time my cousins and siblings and I got together to bring Christmas gifts to a family in need. We delivered them ourselves, and the experience of seeing the kids faces light up was like nothing else. That moment, I knew it was the best feeling in the world and I didn’t want it to be a one-time thing. 

With RSD, I’ve had so many opportunities to give, and God has always provided. 

May we all grow in giving this holiday season!