I LOVE January!

I Love January, not only because it’s my birthday month ;) but also because it’s goal setting month!

I love goal setting and January warrants that I get started! So I am busy setting new goals for Rebekah Scott Designs, my personal life and even goals for some family members. (You would be amazed at how I get people to start moving and get inspired, and yes they get a little annoyed by me!)

I also have a strange overwhelming feeling to start cleaning/sorting/organizing every corner of the house. I can help but want to start fresh, like spring cleaning in winter, and I start to purge! Gus- our four year old, asks me “Mommy what are all the boxes for?” I reply, “they are for getting rid of stuff!”

Our date nights (Yes I can proudly say we now make time for date nights!) consists of what we want to see happen in 2012 and what we want to change for 2012 that didn’t’ pan our for 2011. I love buying new calenders and filling them up with hopeful goals and tentative trips.

We have our first official RSD staff party this Sunday and I just got done writing our sheet of stats/facts of the last 8 years of business. I get so emotional looking at the whole scale of things and realizing just far we have come. God has blessed this little farm girls dream and made it as big as I had ever wanted-while also blessing all my little/big requests for a family and watching them grow up next to me, thank you God- this life is amazing.

I have been nominated for the “Small Business Home Based Business of the year Champion.” (That’s a serious mouth full!) in SD. I am really praying we succeed and that God will bless a trip to Washington if we win! I have never been there and would love the opportunity to go and celebrate.

I want to mention the top books that made a difference to me in my everyday life in the year 2011: (I love reading and these books offered tons of insight.)

A Woman after God’s Own Heart www.oneplace.com/ministries/a-woman-after-gods-own-heart/

The 4-hour work week www.fourhourworkweek.com

The Praying Life by Paul Miller www.wtsbooks.com/product-exec/product_id/6281

Edgar Sawtelle’s Story www.edgarsawtelle.com

That sums it up for January pretty much, just goal setting and dreaming even bigger for 2012. I have posted some pics of my vision board and goal board in my work space to get inspired ;). We are currently booking shows for Jan. Feb and March…Dates open are:

Jan. 18, 19th, 23, 25, 26th, 30

Feb: 6, 8th, 9th, 13th, 16th

March: 1st, 2nd 5th and 8th…..

Thanks all for a great 2011 and here’s to a GREAT 2012! Loving what I do ;) Bekah

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