I love my life!

My husband is no stranger to that phrase in our household, I say it a lot. I just love my life, and how forunate am I to say that? Thank you God.

I love my life because I am doing what I love everyday, designing, raising my kids at home with me while I work, and serving my husband as his helper, I LOVE my life.

I was reflecting on my life as I rocked Iversyn last night in my bedroom and thinking just how blessed we are. Everyday I get to do what I love with a husband that I love and to kids that I love having wtih me. So I am saying thank you to all of you who make that happen. You -who think my products are a must -have and allow me to keep doing what I love. Thank you so much! My prayers are that somehow by me living and doing what I love others will be inspired to do what they love and reach higher and further to achieve their dreams. Thank you for letting me lead on this one!

I love the month of January, for one it’s my birthday that I share with my twin sister and 2 aunts and second, it’s goal month! I love making new goals, seeing new numbers to reach and creating new products to move a long. So again, I LOVE my life. Thank you.

I watched this show last night with Nick about people who survived these events where they saw God or heard Him. They talked about the peace they received about knowing where they were going when their time was up. It was interesting to see and affirming to know that God is near and praying to Him gives me peace. They said after the experience that they prayed without ceasing because it was so natural to talk to Him after their experience. So I have decided that I don’t need a “near death” experience to remind me He is close and have decided to pray in “run-on sentences ” throughout the day. I often pray while rocking the kiddos or sewing at my machine, or while brushing my teeth, or washing the dishes or riding in the car, but why can’t I without ceasing? So for 2011 I am forming some new habits of praying to the God who made it possible for me to say , ” I LOVE my life.”! Happy New Year!