Inspiration from Shakopee MN…

We had a great weekend in Shakopee MN for the Spring Festival. My twin sister Sarah and I traveled together, which is fun in itself, but we had ball selling the bags and being in our booth. (We started a few more chapters of our book together, “My Souls’ Side Kick” on the trip up, but couldn’t barely catch a breath we were laughing so hard.) As for the show, I discovered that apparently my sister has the most attractive neck in the tri-state area because she literally sold two of my scarves right off her neck! I have these square frayed scarves that are super flexible and really cute for all seasons, and we wore them in all kinds of ways around our neck. We loved experimenting with how many ways we could wear them and how many different outfits we could pair them with. We will have pictures posted soon on the website to view them.

As for customers, we had return customers that are always fun to see and hear how they loved their winter purse and if they needed to order a new spring one. We also had a large number of Mommy’s looking to order baby bags they designed themselves. Which is always fun to do also. We had lots of new customers who didn’t buy one in the November show, but couldn’t pass us up this time in the spring. We also sold the new “Olive Dress” to hip mothers who couldn’t live without the polka dotted hippo! We just didn’t have enough sizes there, so we will be sure and fix that the next run. It was fun to tell all the traffic that we had 6 new styles of purses! I usually only introduce about 2 new styles every January or so, but this January, I got bit by the “design bug”and we will all benefited with six new styles ;)

It was awesome to visit with other vendors to be encouraged and get ideas on new things to offer and new ways of getting the word out there. For me, the best advertising still is word of mouth, but I am dabbling in all kinds of advertising as well. Some of which I asked for and some that contacted me. (Magazine cover, Radio Ads, TV commercial, Blog)…all which help spread the word fast. I have seen this dream of mine expand, enrich and enlighten areas of my life I never knew possible, but always believed was attainable. This I know for sure, I LOVE what I do, and when you love what you do, happiness abounds. God is good.