“It Is More Blessed To Give Than To Receive”

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Growing up, my family used to have a Christmas tradition of giving gifts to a local family in need. I have such sweet memories of delivering a basket of gifts to people and seeing their faces light up, and so I realized that this is a tradition I needed to restart!

I called the Brookings Methodist Church, and they were able to put me in touch with a family that could really use some extra help this Christmas. It’s a family of eight, and when I read through their list, I found myself very humbled. They didn’t have toys or screens listed, but simply their basic needs. We’re talking socks and a pair of headphones. The dad did ask for a skateboard, but only because it’s what his kids enjoy, and he wanted to be able to do it with them. 

Because they are a family of eight, eight of us are participating: Nick and me, my parents, and my two siblings with their significant others. We are headed to Walmart tonight, so I’m excited to see what we find! My parents will be the ones delivering the gifts to them in person, and I think they are excited to have the opportunity to help other families. 

This time of year is always very exciting, but with it always comes memories of lost loved ones. We lost my brother two years ago, and Christmas is especially hard because it was his favorite time of the year. He would start decorating in October! So, it feels right to make this a season about giving and helping others, recognizing that this time of year can also be hard for many families. 

Giving should be easy. It's just remembering to do it that gets tricky! But it's worth it, and it can be fairly simple to do. Just call your local church and start asking around. God will deliver to you the needs for His people.

I’m reminded of Acts 20:35, which says, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” I am looking to God for this blessing as we give, knowing that He is the great Gift Giver! 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!