It takes a village!

Oh goodness, I have NEVER been this busy! We are really really feeling the summer shows and trunk shows. We are sewing like crazy and barely getting it all in, and this is good! I remind myself that is a good thing, I love what I do!

That being said, I had my breakdown last night with my husband. I was just simply overwhelmed. Thank goodness my customers are so patient with me and getting their orders. Thank you! I have even added on some ladies to help me out and we are getting there. But wow, God has brought me here and I know He will bring me through it! Just be patient with us!

It really does take a village, my mom is my full time employee, could NOT do it without her! My twin sister sells the bags with me, watches my little ones and gives me pick me up cards whenever needed, my aunt Jannell helps keep me sain and updates me on social networking things, my mother-in-law watches our kids and prays for the growth, my dad and husband makes sure our trailor is up and running, my grandma-in-law prays for my motherhood and weeds my garden, my aunt and uncles put us up for the night and finally my husband wraps his arms around me and reminds me that he loves me and is so proud of me. That’s a village!

More to come with details, for now, sew sew sew.