Join the Club!

Cyan Bloom Cosmetic, Aqua Zipper, Black Aztec Cosmetic, Black Zipper

March Cosmetic.jpegHave you heard about our Cosmetic Club? Since last spring, we’ve featured an exclusive cosmetic bag each month. The design lasts for one month, and then it’s gone! 

The design for March was adorable — so adorable it's already sold out! The cosmetic featured dogs wearing glasses with a St. Pattys Day lining and a green zipper. It’s so kitschy! (Also, can we all rejoice it’s finally March!?) 

The way the Cosmetic Club works is simple. Get on our email list, and at the end of each month you’ll see the upcoming month’s design. Each style lasts one month only, and then you’ll never see it again! You can order anytime during that month, until supplies last — which is often only 2-3 days. Just remember to use the code “CosmeticClub,” and you also get $3 shipping! (And you might as well throw in another item or two to take advantage of the shipping!) 

I’m so thankful to say the Cosmetic Club has really taken off! I’ve loved it because it allows me to go rogue as a designer. ;) I don’t have to pick something that can be mass-produced, but instead, I can fall in love with a small piece of fabric and just get creative. I also love how our regular customers have become part of this club – just another way to build our RSD community. 

Cosmetics are great for organizing the loose items in your purse, whether it’s medicine, cards, or toiletries! They also make great gifts. Graduation parties are just around the corner — fill a cosmetic with some candy and maybe a gift card, and you’re set!  

Happy Spring!
Love, Bekah