Leader, Not Boss

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Bekah, podcast.jpgThere seems to be a trend with being a “boss.” Have you seen those “Mom Boss” t-shirts? To be honest, these have just never appealed to me!

I prefer to be called a leader instead of a boss because “boss” often carries a drill sergeant, tyrant sort of connotation. Over the years I increasingly value humility, so I am very careful not to come across as better than anyone. This applies in even small ways: I hardly wear sunglasses because I want to make sure I can be approachable to someone with eye contact.  

God has been gracious to give me many opportunities to lead women, including personal coaching. A huge part of how I lead is to prioritize the family. If they call me to talk about business and the week has been too full to get time with their kids, I tell them to call me back next week. This is another reason I prefer “leader” over “boss,” because a boss would choose the business first, but I choose the family first. 

This is ultimately because I will be accountable one day to my boss (all our boss, actually!), and I want my priorities to align with His. I am accountable for the people I lead and how I lead them, so I take it very seriously. 

I am always looking to learn from others about running a business, and I have been most helped by those who have kept their family first. Mary Pat, owner of Ultimate Dance and Cheer, comes to mind right away as a friend who balances life and family and career so well. Another mentor of mine is Nycol Piekarski, who was my church camp dean growing up. She is an awesome woman of God, and I definitely follow her lead. I’ve been able to interview her on the Encourager, which you can listen to here if you haven’t already. (She's standing next to me in the top photo.)

IMG_2616.jpegLastly, I could never talk about influential leaders in my life without mentioning my parents. My mom has never been put in an official boss position, but she’s always led fantastically in the areas that matter most. And my dad has always been a man who is deeply influential to those around him, with few words and full of integrity. 

I’ve talked about “boss” vs. “leader” on the Encourager, so you can listen more here. And I’ll close with these verses from Philippians: 

“Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” - Philippians 2:3-4