Lessons Learned from Preschool Campaign

be-the-change1If you are friends with me on Facebook, you may have seen that I was working to get a preschool in Valley Springs (the little South Dakota town I live in). I thought I’d update you all on how things went, especially because it was such a learning experience for me!

This story is about something that likely doesn’t apply to most of you, but I hope you will benefit from the lessons I learned and be able to apply them to your own situations.

A few weeks ago, after a few discussions, I ended up having a meeting with some school board members and teachers to discuss my hope for a preschool. I went in pleading with God for wisdom! I wanted to make sure I didn’t march in bullheaded — something I know I could have done. God answered this prayer, and I learned a lot!

I ended up seeing that financially, it wouldn’t be doable. When you price it out, the kids who would have the most need for a preschool are the rural farm kids. But even so, those families (as well as the city families) might not be able to bear the financial burden. One lesson I was reminded of was that when you spend money, that money comes from something or someone else.

To give you a taste of the cost — a preschool classroom apparently has to have a bathroom, and to install a bathroom, the estimated cost would be $30,000! I had no idea!

I started thinking, what was my intention with this preschool? And I realized, I was afraid Valley Springs Elementary would close. This has been a rumor, but after our meeting, I realized it is only a rumor — no truth in it whatsoever. This was comforting, because I always say Valley Springs Elementary is the best-kept secret!

My other fear had to do with transporting my kids to Brandon’s preschool (a town twenty minutes away from us). So, with that, my next step is to approach the city of Valley Springs about a bus.

With all this, I have also decided to get more involved with Valley Springs City Council. Our South Dakota small town needs to build its community, and I think that could start with getting a police officer and a gas station. That quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” is inspiring me lately!

Last thing I’ve learned: I LOVE my job! Yes, there are risks, but I do not have to deal with policy after policy. Mainly I just get to do what I love. So God has definitely increased my thanksgiving!