Limited Destination Terra and Kinley Collection

thumbnail image for blog post: Limited Destination Terra and Kinley Collection

Limited Terra & Kinley, white wall.jpgConfession: I simply love to organize. I get such joy when everything has its place, and I get even more joy when my organization tools are cute and colorful. As I’ve gotten to know so many RSD customers, I know I’m not alone! 

Our newest limited collection is the Destination Collection, a limited Terra Cube and Kinley Cube. The exterior displays a dark teal waxed canvas with a raspberry zipper, and the inside fabric is a really pretty jewel-toned floral. And of course, they all come with the signature limited Limited Terra, open.jpgedition golden tag. 

The Terra and Kinley Cubes are like big and little sisters. The design is the same, and the only difference is their size. Both are perfect for all kinds of organizing and storage, and they last so much longer than a cardboard box! ;)

I find them both to be essential for keeping a home, as well as for travel. I love to find out the different ways people use them, whether it’s under-the-seat car storage, a toiletry bag, craft supplies, or even as a great gift to spoil a sister, the possibilities are endless. 

As with all our limited collections, these are available for one week, or while supplies last

I hope you are enjoying the last of these gorgeous fall days!