Losing sleep and loving it!

Weird title perhaps? No, it really is how I feel right now. I am losing sleep thinking of all the cool ideas I have in my head. I always say if I wasn’t designing full time, I would be a professional brain stormer, I just love it!

I had a call this week with another start up company from Windom MN and they wanted topillow brainstorm on some ideas to get their product out there and how to get started. As soon as they emailed me to see if we could chit chat I started brainstorming on how to market their idea and get it going, it was so fun, I couldn’t stop, I just spewed about 100 ideas at once at them and I can’t wait to see where they go with it. The company is called “Pillow Portraits” at www.pillowportraits.com and they have the cutest products, great for Graduations and Weddings coming up this spring and summer, check them out! Good luck ladies, I will be cheering you on all the way!

Then last night, after a really great trunk show in Sioux Falls, thanks Mel Keegan! , I had a great idea for another company. Wouldn’t it be cool to create a little “workshop” of designers and seamstresses where you could go with your ideas and they would help develop them and sew them up for you? I think it be would be so cool! I have heard numerous times people wishing they could sew because they have all these ideas but don’t know where to start….so wouldn’t it be cool if there was a warehouse/workshop you could go to and develop your idea and see it made up? That would be amazing, so maybe someday I will own and operate that little workshop, sounds cool huh? I have a few ideas myself I would like to see made up and develop, but where’s the time? Ha! I think I will brainstorm on that some more!

We are filling and making orders like crazy–gearing up for the summer shows. We have heard back from all the art fairs and we made into all the ones we were in last year and a few more. Our calender of events is updated on the website and also on facebook, check it out and mark your calenders!

parachuteI am hoping to book my first show with our sales rep Alison this week. I have gal and some of her girlfriends who just can’t wait to have a party and want their purse for summer now, so I directed her to Ali and she will do the show for me. It’s hard to let go a little since the business is so much a part of me, but I feel really comfortable and confident in Alison and her representation of Rebekah Scott Designs. I tell myself, “Rebekah, here we go, let go and let God, feel the wind under your wings!” Well- we are flying- but not without a little parachute and googles (for safety reasons only you know! ;) I know I know, let go and fly!

I am sewing up the baby booties as well, one at a time to make sure we get it down pat on how they will look. I will say this- they are adorable! I have loved putting them together so far, can’t wait to see how they are received. Pictures soon! They will be available only at home shoes and art shows, not via the website because they are too difficult to update, so they are a little exclusive. You will be able to see them online, just not add to shopping cart.

bekahnickwedI better get to sewing and loving on my children. And a side-note, my husband turns 30 today! His golden birthday, we are going to celebrate big!!! Nicholas- I love you carelessly and without any hope of ever giving up. You are not the wind behind my wings, God is, but you are the guy pushing me out the plane and flying with me to success, thank you honey! I love you, and Happy Birthday.