People Behind the Purses: Philip Eggers

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I cannot understate the perfect timing of an almighty God. The more I trust His timing — including with my business — the better things work! 

We just released our newest bag, a tote named after my brother Philip. A tote has been on my design list for a while now, since our heroes (customers) have been requesting it. I was trying so hard to get one perfected last month, and it just wasn’t going right. I didn’t even have a name picked out!

In God’s perfect timing, I finished the tote not when I planned, but right before the anniversary of my brother’s death. My tote had it’s name! Things really lined up to make this a meaningful tote bag. Philip passed away by suicide, so $10 of each tote purchase will go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. 

This past Saturday marked four years since we’ve had Philip with us, so I know personally why this organization is so important. The AFSP is working to pass legislation to establish a regulated protocol that will reduce repeated suicide attempts. I had to make that awful phone call to the police three times with Philip, and there was no follow-up. The cops came and Philip was scared for a short while, but that fear wears off. So I’m very thankful the AFSP recognizes this need! 

My brother dealt with alcoholism and depression, but that is not what defined him. Philip was the most intense, brave, and loving man you can imagine. He was my oldest brother by eight years, and I admired him since I was a kid. We would beg to go with him wherever he went, and he always cheered us on in everything we did. He would do anything for us, no matter the cost to himself.  

Philip had a memorable, contagious laugh. That’s what everybody still tells us — they remember his laugh. And actually, everything about Philip was memorable. Everybody loved him; he was my daughter Ivy’s first crush! We still grieve for Philip in some way every day, but we find comfort and hope in knowing he is with Christ. The RSD tote bag will be another one of the many things that reminds me of my oldest brother, and I’m thankful for that.  

The Philip Tote is made with waxed canvas, which is a super durable, heavy-duty, waterproof fabric. You can choose either olive canvas with light pink ticking stripe lining, or charcoal canvas with light blue ticking stripe lining. It has one interior and one exterior pocket to keep your essentials right at your fingertips, as well as a spacious cavity for toting around all your goods, plus cream-colored durable woven handles. It is also available in a cross-body if you want to be hands-free. You will use this tote for years and years, and then you will pass it down to your grandchildren because it will still be in great condition! 

My hope is that the Philip tote will be a reminder and a conversation starter to lift the stigma about mental health and suicide.  

Love, from my family to yours,