Meet Olive!

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Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 5.01.50 PM.pngMy newest bag has officially debuted, and the arrival has been FULL of excitement!

I say full because Olive is my biggest bag yet, measuring 14 inches deep, 20 inches long, and 7 inches wide. To give you an idea, it fits two two-year-olds! (See video posted below.)

I designed the Olive bag to be perfect for travel, weekend overnighters, or the gym. Basically, Olive can accomplish anything a duffle bag can do, and look super cute while doing it. And I can’t overemphasize how large the opening is! I just love big bags — the more fabric, the better!

Olive is named after my sweet, spunky niece who loves to come out and have sleepovers with her cousins! She has told me she wants to me a seamstress when she grows up (for Halloween she was a Zombie Sewer!), and so when I told her the name of my newest bag, she was so excited. I can’t wait to interview her soon for a blog post all about her!

Another super fun thing about this bag is that the Gardner Quad Squad, a family with quadruplets who you may remember from last year, introduced it over a 20-minute Facebook live video. How incredible of them! 

As you can see, the Gardner family is super down-to-earth. They have been so kind to me with this exposure and praise! They really believe in the quality of our products, and that’s incredibly important for me as a seamstress. I don’t have a degree in anything related to sewing, and so to receive such high praise from someone outside my family and friends is a big deal. Ashley also shares in the video how much she loves that I employ stay-at-home moms. Through our shared passions we’ve formed a sweet friendship that I hope continues to grow and deepen. 

Their girls are just a month older than Pixyn, so that really helps me put my life in perspective sometimes! When I get frustrated with my toddler I think, “Ashley has four!” Along with the Olive bag, I sent four Polly coin purses for the girls. It’s the kind of thing Pixyn would love, so I hope they have fun with them!

Since the Gardners posted their video, we’ve had extra orders from all over the country, as well as overseas. They have a big following in Australia, so it’s fun to see those hits on our website. God has been kind to us through this family, both with friendship and increased business!

For just a few more days (until February 27), you can use the code Olive10 to receive $10 off any purchase over $100! So head to the website and check out Olive. And remember, as with all our bags, you can choose your own fabric and make it exactly what you want!